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Abstract Gold and Green Glitter Lights


Wow and impress with this glittering canvas print of abstract de-focused glitter lights with metallic colors. It truly draws your attention in and makes a bold statement with its dazzling and sparkly colors. The high shine makes it more pop out and stand out from the rest of the wall decor. This is a favorite choice for many glitter fanatics as it never goes out of style and continues to stay trending.

Showcase this modern, chic wall art in your living room to impress your visitors, or use it to decorate any empty wall space in your bedroom, kitchen, hallway or office to make the space feel more glamorous and joyful.

  • Single Panel
  • Three Panels
  • 12x8
  • 18x12
  • 24x16
  • 30x20
  • 36x24
  • 42x28
  • 45x30
  • 48x32
  • 54x36
  • 60x40
  • 72x48
  • 90x60
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