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Little Red Riding Hood in the Woods


Complete your nursery or kids room with this fun and whimsical print featuring an illustration of classic fairytale: Little Red Riding Hood. The whimsy style illustration features a happy Little Red Riding Hood, with a basket in her hand walking through a beautiful forest. In the background a grim looking wolf is lurking behind a bush, ready to jump out and get her at any second, and in the foreground a squirrel is trying to warn the Little Red Riding Hood of the wolfs presence introducing an element of tension. This print fits great with almost any kind of interior design, ranging from Scandinavian to Boho and everything in between.

  • Single Panel
  • Three Panels
  • 12x15
  • 16x20
  • 24x30
  • 32x40
  • 36x45
  • 40x50
  • 48x60
  • 8x10
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